Frequently Asked Questions

We have often encountered this attitude and witnessed failed project ventures that were either not well prepared enough or due to lack of knowledge and experience generated high losses in terms of money and time, and in some cases health.

Even if the project comes to a standstill in the process of investing own funds, it is still relatively easy to carry out restructuring, but usually it happens with external capital when the problems are much more complex and demanding. With less demanding projects, self-preparation and management will take a lot of time and energy, and if you do not have enough knowledge and experience, you will probably be exposed to high risks of poor implementation and all that comes with it.

We develop projects/investments in the real sector, manage them and at the same time provide business consulting services in this area. Project/investment management is a complex discipline, partly unknown and less applied in our area for a number of reasons, while in the world it is one of the most respected and sought-after occupations. During development/management, we pay special attention to investment protection and project implementation to the maximum within the budget, within the planned quality and within the set time. In addition, we develop and market our own projects, some of which you can see in our galleries.

We are here to help you with our knowledge and experience to look in detail and objectively at the situation you are in and to propose/implement measures that will eliminate the problems.

Appraisals of real estate/property, especially for the needs of bank loans, are usually performed by authorized court experts, which service we can also deliver to you, but what we do is something completely different. We work on the evaluation of the condition of your real estate/property /project and its real potential on the market, and in this regard, we make suggestions and opinions on what would be the most acceptable thing to do in your case (sale, investment, retention).

Owners often overestimate or sometimes underestimate the condition of their property due to lack of information or have no idea what they can do with it and in what way, in which other case they are directly exposed to that part of the market that is interested in capital gains in the short term. with a profession to properly value your assets, assess real potential and thus protect yourself from losses.

Yes, we work on the principle of one-stop-shop. If it is a more complex project, we include our reliable partners in order to deliver the best possible service to you in the shortest possible time.

In principle, no, since we cooperate with proven experts at special rates, while in the case of independent individual engagement of several experts, the costs are often much higher.

In addition, you need to manage and coordinate the project yourself, which will take a lot of time that will separate you from your primary job/business and ultimately from family and hobbies.

Depending on the project, each one is unique and unrepeatable. It often happens that a seemingly “small” project is much more complex to implement than a slightly larger project, so for each project or service we try to offer fair value for the service provided, keeping in mind the value of total investment and position and interest of investors in the process.

The basic guideline of INVEDES is that all costs involved must benefit the client and / or partner and that the final result corresponds to the Win-Win model of cooperation.

In the case when only one-time counseling is required, then we pay attention only to the quality of our service to the extent required.

It is important to mention that during the development of the project we are extremely careful that at any time during development of the investment, it should be “covered” with the profit in case of exit / sale / stop of the project.

All risks are impossible to predict/eliminate, but in some projects (depending on the degree of assessed risk) we partially appear in the role of project partners in a way that the basic activities of INVEDES are remunerated according to the contracted or bid tariff, while the remaining fee can be calculated depending on success of the project. We consider this type of guarantee very valuable since part of our income directly depends on the success of the project and your success.

In addition, your success and satisfaction with the delivery is our reference point.

Yes, among other things we design and develop business ideas and investments and manage their development.


According to research and professional experience, it is best to involve the Manager in the project as early as possible for a number of reasons. In this sense, it is extremely important to choose quality leadership during the development phase of the idea because taking over project management during implementation is a rather complex process that will certainly cause temporary development delays.

Yes, whether the projects are privately owned or owned by a legal entity. It is important to emphasize that we are not a sales agency but an Office that will analyze your investment/project/ property, after analysis and/or in-depth recording, place it on domestic and foreign markets and adequately negotiate with the Investor. Before concluding a cooperation, we perform a recording (analysis) of the subject of sale, after which we make a decision on further cooperation together with you.

If the finding determines that your project has insurmountable obstacles to market placement and investment, or that it is high risk for the Investor or that it is compromised by potential illegal activities, then we conclude that it is temporarily or permanently blocked.

In that sense, we reserve the right to choose the project that we will process and whose interests we will represent, all related to the company’s business policy and code of ethics.

You can expect a professional and impartial approach during the project development process from idea to realization. You can also expect open collaboration and clear and understandable communication during the management or one-time service delivery process.

Business consulting and project management services include brand development services, external capital quality analysis, negotiations with creditors, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders, analysis and verification of project participants, use of our business network, etc.

This means that based on the knowledge, experience and strength of arguments and a network of business contacts and business reputation for your interest, we can get more favorable conditions whether it is a method of financing, better construction conditions or project sales skills at a certain stage.

Surely. In that case, the situation will be recorded (analyzed) and if we conclude that the property is worth investing, then we talk in partnership, when we either invest our own and/or external funds in further development or include other verified investors.

We deal with both jobs, since without the other it would be enough to be frivolous and perhaps hypocritical enough to manage someone else’s project or advise someone without experiential knowledge. In other words, we transfer our applied knowledge acquired during the development of a series of projects to you in order to make your projects as safe and successful as possible, to the mutual satisfaction.

With the above, we advocate the thesis of how you can advise and manage if you have tried such processes yourself and are exposed to all the accompanying risks and benefits of the business on a daily basis. Only then do you truly know both sides of the coin and you can pass on your knowledge credibly and honestly. In the end, the results of such business processes are multiple measurable and clear.

In this case, there may be a number of problems (not just the usually high, and often unjustified cost), which depend on the type and nature of the project. Here we will be free to take the opportunity and explain how, especially for more complex projects, it is important to prepare the sale in detail!

Let’s say you are in the position of an investor; do you want to waste time researching the project you want to invest in or would you be inclined to those projects that are prepared in terms of transparent documentation and a realistic expert background? You would probably be more interested in the latter. The more professional information about the project the Investor has, the more likely your sales are and the lower the investment risks!

Let’s take the example of buying a used car, you would certainly buy it from a proven and reputable distributor/dealer, who will present the history of the vehicle, its actual condition, potential and expertly point out potential shortcomings.

Our services also include the preparation of projects for placement on the investment market, so for example if you have a development project that you want to sell to increase liquidity or do not want to further develop it or want to invest the proceeds from the sale in other projects, we analyze and research all economic technical-urban segments of the project and we are preparing a sales study/catalog in the “language” known to investment circles.

As in most cases the seller does not want to invest in the preparation of the sale, then he leaves that part of the work to the investor, who for personal safety hires our office for in-depth recording and analysis of the profitability of the investment. In this case, the Seller often loses on the time of sale, and the price of the project. It is not the same position in the case of the sale of a tourist resort in the development phase of the conceptual design (if the land is already owned) and a well-established hotel or production facility with historical business data.

The final answer to this question is very simple. If the Seller properly prepares the sales study and is prudent in terms of total value, the serious investment market will react faster and lose less on the value of the project than if the Investor invests in a demanding in-depth survey. In addition, the process of project preparation by the owner is far simpler than the process of in-depth recording and discovering the shortcomings of the project (the advantages will be highlighted anyway). Sometimes highlighting flaws gives you a much better position in the market than hiding them or omitting them.

Thus, investing in training is always a justified investment with a proven high return.

First of all, we want to emphasize that selling in this case is a process, not an act. Your sale is a serious investment for someone, a potential project that should be thoroughly checked and analyzed for its potential. Here we are talking about the issue of greenfield investments.

As for the “construction zone”, we are talking about a term that is sometimes interpreted in a flat and simple way, while still requiring a more serious and comprehensive analysis. Namely, for a building plot to be truly “construction” (possibility of obtaining / obtaining a construction deed), it is not enough that the Spatial Plan (PPU) or the General Urban Plan (GUP) has been implemented / adopted on the spatial scope of the land location, if this conditions the Urban Plan (UPU) or perhaps the Detailed Planning Plan (DPU). We are talking about development plans of higher and lower order, which are strategic development documents of individual municipalities, cities, counties.

Therefore, in case the land is covered by the PPU with the condition of making a UPU for the area where your parcel (s) is located, your land has the potential to become “construction”, but with the precondition of making and adopting a UPU. Therefore, at that time the Investor has no right to start designing the imagined object (he can certainly design at his own risk because at that time it is not yet certain whether the coverage plan with defined design conditions will be adopted and when) in order to obtain a building permit. it is necessary to initiate the development (additional investment) of the UPU with licensed urban offices and monitor its implementation, accepting all the uncertainties (risks) that await it along the way.

In other words, the time from the moment of investing in the land (potential opportunity cost or even sunk cost) to the start of project implementation often exceeds a five-year time interval.

Here we come to an estimate of the ACTUAL value of the land (which includes direct risks of local development policy) which a serious investor will see as a potentially profitable investment, and the Seller as the maximum capital return from the sale of property. Looking from the investment position, the property should be professionally and in detail recorded, analyzed potential, thoroughly studied the development of coverage and plans of local government and then make a pre-investment study or at least a rough investment projection that will answer the final question whether to invest or not and at what fair price.

On the other hand, if the Seller orders a serious analysis and/or potential study, it saves the Investor time and shortens the time of the desired sale, which will result in mutual respect, appreciation and trust right at the beginning of the sale process. Also, by remembering the knowledge about the potential of your own property, you automatically protect yourself from that part of the market that is interested in a “quick return on investment”, while making your sales position much stronger and more serious.

 We tried to answer your question with a basic example from development (development construction), but we emphasize that the answer is much more complex because there are a number of situations that can further complicate sales and significantly extend sales time.

At that moment, you came to the position of investor, but you are aware of all the dangers and responsibilities that this area abounds in. Since we are engaged in development and analysis and enjoy a wide network of quality associates and partners with whom we share information on market trends on a daily basis, we can certainly help you in case you want to invest your capital in projects we manage, our projects or perhaps new projects in development.

It is important to understand how capital should circulate, among other things because of the inflation rate, which is why it is assumed that your money will be worth less in the future than today, but of course you should be extremely careful where that money goes and in what projects / investments.

It is also important to emphasize the concept of diversification, a key term when we talk about investment security and finding the right balance that will reduce investment risk to a minimum. The term refers to an investment strategy in which the investment is diversified into different categories of assets in order to optimize the rate of risk and return.

One of the models of investing in our projects is entering the development or pre-construction phase when your investment reduces the cost of capital to the Investor and you invest in a project segment whose value is significantly higher, and the return on invested capital is divided into capital gain and / or long-term return through business, depending on investor preferences

Let’s say we are developing a larger residential and business project and then entering (investing) in the early phase of the project brings a significant return to the final phase. Simplified, for example, you invested in the development of the project at an earlier stage the amount of 70,000.00 EUR and acquired the right to one residential unit or office space with a final market value of 90,000.00 €, then roughly speaking the capital return on your investment is 28.57% (before taxes and other expenses). On the other hand, you can consider maintaining the material value of future assets in the amount of about 90,000.00 € which will (if it is a quality project) generate a return by increasing the value in case of positive market trends and in the meantime enjoy a rent yield of up to several percent per year (so-called passive income / yield).

We are also at your disposal if you want to invest your funds in a project that is outside our portfolio, and we can record it in depth and advise you on INSURANCE SAFETY, quality and profitability.

If in doubt, ask. If not in doubt, ask.