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Investment analysis
and planning


We develop greenfield and brownfield investments/projects in which processes we continuously improve new business models and methods, actively research and monitor input markets and actual output values. As part of the investment development, we develop all project segments with our partners, which includes a creative brand solution, marketing processes, technical-technological plans, standard business and financial analysis, project / program implementation strategy, etc.

Creating new values ​​and continuous improvement of development processes is our passion and satisfaction, which we will be happy to share with you.

Project Management

We manage projects according to international IPMA management standards from idea to product. With a professional approach and many years of experience in the preparation and management of projects, our activities ensure objective conditions for the implementation of projects within the expected time, within the budget, with the planned product quality.

Investment project management services include:

Development of the project concept, development of a rough financial analysis of profitability and sustainability, analysis of project participants and users, review of the input and output market, review of the legislative framework, etc.

Defining a business/investment idea, reviewing the sustainability and soundness of the project.

Detailed planning, development of WBS structure, economic-financial analysis, technical-technological analysis, elaboration of marketing strategy, location analysis, evaluation, preparation of obtaining permits, obtaining the necessary permits, etc.

Dynamics control, cost control, quality control, plan corrections, procurement management, performance monitoring, preparation of usable documentation, technical inspection, business preparation.

Business start-up control, plan corrections, elimination of deficiencies and post-purchase (customer) services and consulting

Final documentation of the project, handover of documentation, handover of the project, final evaluation.

Construction project management services include:

  • Preparation of the conceptual solution
  • Defining and controlling the scope of a construction project
  • Creating a project task
  • Coordination of all participants in the construction project
  • Preparation and control of the project schedule
  • Optimizing the use of available resources
  • Procurement organization and implementation
  • Contract administration and control
  • Financial control during project implementation
  • Quality control
  • Review and control of mandatory documentation for the implementation of the administrative procedure for the usability of the building
  • Handover of the facility in the scope and quality of the set project objectives
  • Termination of the contract of the participants in the construction


Project management services in accordance with the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction (OG 78/15, 118/18 in force since 1 January 2019) include:

– financial, legal and technical advice relating to the design, construction, use and removal of buildings
– financial, legal and technical preparation and planning of works related to construction and monitoring the implementation of that plan
– programming and planning in the project design phase, which includes data collection, development of the project program and monitoring the implementation of the program
– consulting, selection and contracting of jobs for the designer, auditor, supervising engineer, contractor, certified geodesy engineer and other persons performing work related to the construction of buildings and consulting in contracting work with these persons
– connecting and harmonizing the work of the designer, auditor, supervising engineer, contractor, certified geodesy engineer and other persons participating in the construction and supervising their work in order to protect the rights and interests of investors
– obtaining acts, analyzes, studies, studies and other documents necessary for the preparation of the preliminary, main and detailed design and the project for the removal of the building
– obtaining all documents and concluding all legal transactions necessary for the issuance of acts for the implementation of spatial plans, construction, use and / or removal of buildings and obtaining these acts
– obtaining all documents and concluding all legal transactions necessary for the construction of the building and performing the activities that the investor is obliged to perform during the construction of the building
– development of project control system and monitoring and control of implementation, which includes preparation and presentation of planned time execution with engaged resources, updating of initially planned in relation to project implementation, dynamic risk analysis throughout project life, reports on quality control of investments, proposals for current solutions or anticipated problems in the time, technological and cost aspects of implementation.

Business Consulting

Based on many years of experience and acquired knowledge, we provide consulting services in the field of investment and development, especially in the field of investment economics, construction and law. Regardless of the fact that we are not developing your project or you may be developing it yourself, you can certainly contact us for advice or supervision if you encounter a problem while developing your own project. You are also free to contact us if you are preparing to sell or buy a project.

Investment and financial consulting during the preparation, development, performance and implementation of the project. In the case of more complex projects, the tax part of financial consulting is performed by our authorized tax advisors.

In-depth research and analysis of the intended investment, which includes economic-financial, construction and legal advice, opinions and findings.

If it is a strategic investment in a project whose development is planned for some future periods, then based on in-depth recording, we prepare the takeover of the project and control the takeover process to the very end.

Services include: support for takeovers from individuals and legal entities, takeovers from the bankruptcy estate, takeovers from the bank, etc.

If the project suffers a crisis period under the influence of internal or external factors, we are involved in resolving the crisis period until the stabilization of the project.

  • Professional construction supervision
  • Valuation of real estate by a certified court expert
  • Real estate valuation as a basis for making investment studies
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Development and analysis of construction cost estimates

Given that investment projects usually carry a number of risks in the field of law, we offer you the inevitable legal advice in the phase of preparation or implementation of projects. We are also at your disposal in case of anticipation or occurrence of a problem of a legal nature in your project, which requires timely legal analysis and assistance.

Based on experience, knowledge and strength of arguments and business contacts for your interest, we negotiate significantly more favorable terms, whether it is a method of financing, better conditions of construction performance, the skill of selling or buying a project / property.

This service includes market analysis and project value, and we advise you in this regard when selling your project. If necessary, we negotiate the best sales conditions and guide the sales process to the very end. As part of the service, we develop a sales strategy and prepare and place the project on the investment market.

Investment Analysis and Planning

We create investment programs and analyze and test the feasibility and sustainability of existing plans as fundamental and strategic documents of any serious business venture. We analyze your ideas and eliminate potential problems that may have been overlooked when designing the venture.


We advise you in the part of cost planning in terms of detailed and realistic analysis of project costs, especially construction costs (cost estimates) and in the part of project financing planning by analyzing the sources, costs and conditions of external financing.

General order of investment analysis and planning:

  • Analysis of the idea of ​​the need for investment
  • Identification of possible and acceptable investment solutions
  • Estimation of benefits and costs of investment solution
  • Development of analytical-documentation basis of the project
  • Making an investment decision
  • Investment / performance preparation (construction)
  • Performance (construction)
  • Business preparation

General stages of the investment project planning and implementation process:

  • Market Analysis
  • Technical-technological analysis
  • Location analysis
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Static rating
  • Dynamic rating
  • Estimation in conditions of uncertainty
  • Aggregate and comparative assessment
  • Assessment in special cases
  • Performance control and compliance with the plan
  • Start-up control and compliance with the plan


Development: Process of creating new value; Cambridge Dictionary
Greenfield investment: Used to refer to land that has not yet been built on, or buildings built on land that had never been used before for building; Cambridge Dictionary
Brownfield investment: Used to refer to an area of land in a town or city that was previously used for industry and where new buildings can be built; Cambridge Dictionary
Project management: Activities of organization and project controlling; Cambridge Dictionary
Management of projects: Simultaneous management of more projects, programs and/or portfolios
Project definition: A project is a venture limited by time and cost, which must achieve a certain result (scope in order to achieve the project objectives) according to quality requirements and standards. IPMA NCB 3.0
Counseling: The job or process of listening to someone and giving advice to that person about their problems; Cambridge Dictionary
Investment Plan: A detailed document describing future business / investment plans
Project goal: The project goal is to produce the result set by the business plan; IPMA NCB 3.0
Design: It implies project development activities, i.e. the procedure and process of its definition, research, structuring and design in accordance with the requirements of the area, i.e. the subject and objectives of the project activity; M. Dujanić

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