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Project / investment development is a complex, multidisciplinary, responsible and challenging business area. In a series of definitions of projects from the world literature, we find one of the common determinants of all projects, and that is that they are unique and unrepeatable processes. Another important determinant that is directly related to this discipline is innovation, which improves, changes and improves the business system and life in general.


Change is the only constant. – Heraclitus.

The fact is that the business system strives for constant growth and development as well as life, and the introduction of (positive) change that will then potentially become a constant is precisely the discipline of project management. It itself is subordinated to the constant improvement and improvement of internal processes, the implementation of new technologies and management models.

Let’s get back into practice. During my many years of experience at higher or lower levels of management and / or investment, I have encountered a number of diverse projects, and experienced the negative results of certain projects that are everything but easy to bear, especially not without a “safety net”. I also encountered a high degree unprofessionalism and a lack of organizational skills, which often caused unnecessary stagnation and / or the failure of a number of good projects, thus jeopardizing already well-established business systems.

If we know that the investment project in most cases requires external financing (so-called good debt), then it is extremely important to carefully prepare and responsibly manage the project, so the creditors would not put unnecessary pressure and stress in the project development process, which can lead to the questioning of the project. In this case, no one really wins, so it is extremely important to prepare the project well for its successful implementation. As top athletes prepare for their competitions, investments are continuously prepared, analyzed, studied and monitored. This is exactly what makes the difference between serious investing and gambling. An unprepared athlete can easily be injured during the competition, so project participants can be “injured” if the preparations are not carried out in accordance with the rules of the profession.

Project business is a new modern business and the future development of all economic segments, especially because we live in times of rapid change, so we offer you our knowledge and experience to keep up with new business trends. Our methods of preparation and planning focus primarily on perceiving and limiting the risk of the project and increasing the security of the investment, but also “leaving space” which releases the project potential during development, implementation and use. For example, you have planned customers / users from a certain geographical area, and during the development a completely new market opens up for you. It is necessary to adapt and let the project “come to life”.

The great paradox of project management and investment development lies in the fact that professional planning and detailed project preparation is inevitable and very important in the investment process, but in the vast majority of cases project development and implementation will more or less deviate from the plan for a number of reasons (which directly depends on the geographical area of the investment and business practices). During project development, new and better options that were not considered during planning can potentially be uncovered. Thus, market circumstances may change (depending on the life of the project) or some other external or internal factors in favor of the Investor, so it is necessary to adjust to the positive changes. On the other hand, there are cases where during the development, despite careful planning, shortcomings will be revealed that could not have been foreseen during the development of the plan, depending on who and with what experience and knowledge approaches investment planning, which brings and increased level of risk and lack of security for the investor. In this case, the interrelationships between quality, budget and project time are disrupted, which require timely corrections in order to minimize possible damage and adapt the development to new circumstances.

In addition, without adequate preparation according to investment planning standards, it is very difficult to present and explain the project to external investors (partners, banks, government, funds), and most institutions (especially in project finance departments) will reject the best idea if not presented in the prescribed way.

How we do it

We like to call our work applied art. Applied because we do and live what we preach, while often it is truly an art to effectively resolve and implement particular segments of project processes.

Before the profession and experience, we put the values that we strive to nurture on a daily basis. We call them Invedes Values, and they are: Respect, Character, Integrity, Knowledge, Efficiency, Orientation to Real Values, and Perseverance.

Respect as the foundation of successful partnerships, Character and Integrity as a solid foundation during project development and bridging problems, Knowledge as the basis of everything, Efficiency as a confirmation of experience, Orientation to real values in all parts of development and Perseverance as a personal quality in implementing complex processes, until the end.

Problems in this business are rarely insignificant and commitment to anticipating and solving them is extremely important, so we are especially pleased to see a smile on the faces of our partners / clients after timely detection and problem solving at the beginning of the venture or their effective solution / removal during development.

This forms the core of our marketing strategy.

It is an indescribable pleasure for us to realize a good idea and create new value. Although the backbone of an investment project is profit, so with one-sided focus on project values one needs to be careful. Profit is determined by many factors in the complex process of project development, some are immeasurable (and even invisible to the average observer) and increase profits, while some are obvious and measurable, but surprisingly lower rates of return in the final calculation. A successful project is a confirmation and a pleasure, and we are here to contribute to it with our knowledge and experience. The Win-Win situation is the only acceptable outcome for us because to the satisfaction of the participants and users a positive outcome (and higher profit) will appear perhaps larger and more comprehensive than you planned and expected.

One thing is for sure, after the end of the project you will not be the same person as the one who entered the project. You will definitely be a better and wiser person.

Finally, I would like to personally and on behalf of the team thank all our partners and clients for their support and trust in the implementation of your and our projects.

Beyond business.

Tomislav Bakić, founder

Create a vision, articulate it, possess it passionately, and tirelessly bring it to an end.