We present you a part of our projects as well as a part of the projects from our management portfolio.




Completed Projects

In the Completed projects section, we present some of the projects that we have successfully implemented over the past years.

Some of the presented projects were photographed after a number of years from completion to present their condition after a long period of exploitation.

Projects in Perfomance

Projects in perfomance refer to current projects in the process of implementation, each in its own phase of implementation.

Some of the commercial projects in perfomance are presented in parallel in the Sales section because it is a model of “Early Bird – Better Score” model of investing in projects (Investing in the early stages of the project).

Projects in Development

Projects in development are projects without a specific deadline, given the specifics of their development or the circumstances associated with the preparation and dynamics of market entry.

We do not promote a part of developing projects during the development phase (conception, definition and planning) due to the secrecy of data on project innovations and / or protection of the project from competition in the sensitive phase.


In this section, we present our own, partner and your projects intended for sale on the investment market. These projects have been previously analyzed to the extent that we have estimated that they can be placed on the market and we present them here as potential development investments or present them as our projects intended for sale at the stage explained for each project in the project catalog.

Buy land, they don’t make it anymore.
- M. Twain.